Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Want a good "ken lee" laugh.. then watch this..

This has got to be the most hilarious video ever made. And to think I thought Mr. Lapuz from American Idol had it all, hehe. This one does him one better, here is the link, thought you might enjoy it!!

The infamous "Ken Lee" video"!!

Is that funny or what? Come on you want to laugh, you know you do! Oh, just for your info., ken lee is supposed to be "can't live", though I don't know how exactly that translates in the English language. Peace.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The A to Z Guide for Beginner Bloggers:

The following is a guideline that will help you in becoming a better around beginner blogger. Hope you like it!

A. Aim to be a better blogger every day. Always try to learn something different and new. Here is a great site that will help you build your site by personally developing yourself along with your blog. Either you keep up with the times/technology or your blog will eventually fade into the black-hole of the blogosphere and be but a forgotten memory.

B. Be yourself! Don’t try to be someone that you’re not. People will see right through it. Readers of your blog will be able to connect easier and relate to you in many ways. Being yourself lets the readers know that you are sincere and helpful at the same time. Your personality will show through your blogging and the people will love you for just being yourself!

C. Caring about what you blog will make you a more sincere blogger to your cause. Whether it may be helping people with HTML or fixing cars, you will be able to write better articles and will be knowledgeable in your field.

D. Don’t ever copy anyone else’s works on the net. Plagiarism is frowned upon and you will never live it down if you are found to have copied another person’s works. Not only that but you might find yourself in a legal battle that you don’t need.

E. Entertain your readers! Entertaining your readers with great articles, tips and free stuff will always keep them coming back for more. People love a site they can have fun with and learn at the same time. Use your imagination, when we were kids we were able to do anything right (at least in our minds)? That imagination will help connect you to your inner-self and let you grow freely with your blog.

F. Find your niche carefully. Finding a niche where you fit in is critical as this will help you as a starting blogger. Your knowledge of course will depend on your experiences and how much you care to expand your knowledge of that subject. We are all experts in our field, but can still master new ways of approaching problems and fixing them.

G. Great articles. Great articles are the gateway to your massive traffic building. Write great authoritative articles and share information with your readers. They in turn will keep coming back for your advice and share their information with you that they think might help you.

H. Help out new bloggers. Helping out new bloggers and inexperienced persons will build you great character. Your readers will know deep down in their hearts that you are willing to take time to help them and are once again, sincere about it. Helping out other people also makes a world of difference; you might even need help from one of them in the future!

I. Implement all the learning and plans that you have made for your blog. Find that “master plan”, gather all the advice you have read and tips given to you and IMPLEMENT them. If you don’t your success rate will drop dramatically.

J. Join articles submission sites. If you are a great writer, let the world know about it. Submitting to article submission sites will drive massive traffic to your site and earn you a reputation as a knowledgeable author in your field. Use sites like EzineArticles, Stumble and the other directories.

K. Knowledge on the blogosphere. Keep up to date with your knowledge from the blogosphere. Always find new methods that will save you time and money. Know how to work with all the aspects of blogging, from traffic building, readership, RSS feeds, link building etc.

L. Limitations are nothing on the web. There are no limitations on the web. You can always get help from other like minded individuals and experts in your field. If you don’t know how to do something, just ask. Most bloggers are willing to help you or will point you in the right direction. Link building is one of those areas where there are no limitations, with over 50 million sites and more being made everyday, there are no shortages of links!

M. Make friends with the top-bloggers. Making friends with the popular bloggers will help you get an inner perspective on their workings and how they achieve the things they did with their blog. Brainstorming with these experts gives you a lot of advantages and in time maybe you can contribute to their sites also, earning you authority and links for your own site! Imagine what ideas you could come up with if you had Steve Pavlina and Darren Rowse (just to name a few) in your corner.

N. Network with as many people as you can. Even if the person you are networking with is just beginning their blog, they might eventually become a PR 5 or higher blog. Networking is a great way to increase your rankings and PR for your blog. Networking can be done “on” and “off” line.

O. Offer great tips, free advice and other free stuff that your users/readers will be able to take with them and that makes a difference to them. Offering material that they cannot get from another site will have you one up on the other sites. They will love you for it and as a bonus come back often to see what they can get again.

P. Page rank. Your page rank will not increase unless you have useful links, hundreds and/or thousands of them pointing to your page. Page rank can be obtained by having an informative blog. A blog where people can keep coming back for more and refer other people to your site. Page rank should come second to writing great articles for your readers. Always put your readers first, PR will come eventually if you have a great blog.

Q. Question everything about your blog. Are you using an easy layout that people can easily navigate through? Is your color scheme easy on the eyes and not blinding people or make people wonder what happened to the text when they scroll through your site. Are all your links working? Is ad placement optimal, if that’s the way you’re going with your blog. There are many aspects to blogging that you must always question to yourself.

R. Read other peoples blogs! Reading other peoples blogs will increase your knowledge and you might learn something that you didn’t know before. Reading also gives you great ideas, maybe you can out-do someone or write an even better article on the subject. Reading forums, how to’s and personal development sites are a great way to answer some of your questions also.

S. Special style of your blog. You got to have your own style. That’s what makes your blog unique. Your writing style and layout of your page will be remembered easier by people if it’s not in the “norm” of other bloggers. Have a great looking graphic on your home page, write with passion and sincerity. Great first impressions last a long time. Slim-lining your blog will also create a more user friendly site and get rid of the stuff that just clutters your site making for a more eye-pleasing site.

T. Tools and training. Suggest web tools like SiteMeter and Google Web Tools etc. that users can use for free when checking their links, traffic, ranking or site building. Train other people in your field that are just getting started. You will have a loyal following and can do site sessions/reviews of each others’ blogs on what needs to be overhauled with blogs, what can be done better and so forth. As you are the more experienced person in your group, you will be responsible for being a leader to the others.

U. Understand the needs of your readers. Understanding the needs and what they crave will help you to build a better site for your readers. User friendly, easy to navigate pages and TONS of informative articles will do wonders for your blog! Understanding your readers will also help to maintain your reader author relationship in the long run and you will have loyal subscribers that keep coming back. Don’t be afraid to ask your readers what they want more of.

V. Verify all sources used in article writing. Verifying your sources will help you keep from “looking like a fool” and “looking like a liar”. Be sure of your sources first before publishing your article. No one likes to read one thing and it turns out to be the total opposite of what you published! Author expertise is a must for blogging. If you are not sure about it, don’t even publish it.

W. Who, what, where, when and why. Ok, I’m having a 6th grade flashback to my English creative writing labs, oh no! Actually, these are the 5 points that you should cover for any article written by you. If there is anything that pertains to these 5 points about the subject you are covering, then you should include it in your article. This basic guideline will help you also cover the basics of the articles, insert your interesting facts after the basics are done!

X. X-ray your blog. Yep, that’s exactly what I suggested. Just like we use x-rays to find broken bones in our body, x-raying your blog is just taking time out to find broken links and URL’s that don’t work. Nothing is more frustrating than clicking a link and going nowhere! It only takes a little time, but will show your readers that great care goes into your blog maintenance.

Y. Your blog is your soul. What you write about will give people/readers their personal assessment of you. It’s like meeting a complete stranger through your blog and seeing if you can connect with that person. Have an outstanding and caring blog, and the people will come back.

Z. “Zone” out in a place where you can get ideas. Zoning out can be daydreaming, or just sitting by yourself with a pad and pen and writing/jotting down ideas or articles you would like to incorporate into your blog. The best ideas come to us when we have no distractions and our minds are free to flow with ideas and imagination!

By following this list, you will have an alliance when Traffic Building, SEO (Search Eng!ne Optimization), Article Writing, PR (Page Rank) building and Monetizing. Just follow these tips and they will open doors to the above mentioned site elements that will help you achieve your goals. I wish you the best success!

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Author:: Moonburst

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Planning to go on vacation? Need reservations?

I would like to take some time out and do a review of and tell you about their features and current offers.

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Designed for the smart traveler, such as yourself, you can book directly through the internet or make a booking over the phone and still use their special internet rate reservation, where they use their Interactive Affiliate Network to bring you their lowest competitive rates on hotels, motels, resorts etc. that come with great discounts. You can easily view your reservations after having made the services you require. All major credit cards accepted to make your internet reservations even more comfortable for you.

If you need any help with their services, they also provide a 24 hour customer service (toll free-where applicable) where even international calls are entertained. An FAQ tab is also provided for their customers reference if they have any specific inquiries about renting any of their services or regarding their bookings. My visit to this site would have me coming back to book any vacations that I will plan in the near future. It's an all in one booking site without the hassle, now that's service.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Advantage Term Life Insurance

Searching for insurance online? Having a hard time deciding which way to go? Look no further than Advantage Term Life Insurance. Shopping around for insurance can be tiresome and troublesome at the same time. Why not save your time and get all your insurance needs in one place?

Advantage Term Life offers reduced premiums, Quoting Insurance Services, Term Life, Life Family Plan Premium among many other types of insurance that you need or would like to have. If you happen to own a business or businesses, Advantage Term Life Insurance also offers Employee Benefits Package and Corporate Insurance Plans for Employers.

You may also be able to lower your insurance premium. So, put your trust and confidence in Advantage Term Life Insurance, get your quote now, it just might save you money. Having insurance also gives you peace of mind that the future of your family is secure.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moonburst-tones...Get advice on ways to make some money and blogging tips!!

Welcome back, it's been a while since I have posted. This is my first post for the New Years. I have been thinking of new ways or other ways of making money online actually. So, here it is. I followed the Master Plan of Mr. Carl O. Cab at So far, I am in between set-up your blog and monetize your blog. Hopefully following this system will work. Check it out for yourself if you have time, who knows, maybe you could also make some decent money online. Good luck to all of you. If you need some advice with your blogger blog, blog or just want to make extra money online come visit this other site Real friendly site. Thanks!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Making ends meet and meat....

Every time I sit in front of this computer, I always have my hopes high even though I know that most likely it's going to be the same old thing everyday. Searching for a better thing for your family is a weekly or monthly activity or even a daily crusade for others like myself. I know I'm not supposed to be on the Internet while at work. But, I guess I am trying to save money (by not having to got to the internet cafe after work) and be productive at the same time? Somewhere I read that blogging or any activity taken 1 hour off from work increases productivity. So, I decided to give it a try.

Living from paycheck to paycheck isn't something new. For many, it's everyday life and some either have embraced it or tried to find another way. At least, they tried and succeeded or failed, I tip my hat to them for breaking the mold. Where I live right now, everything is going up. The gas (lpg), rice, vegetables, meat and other everyday stuff that you would end up buying at the marketplace. Living below your means is not always easy, but it will help you survive. You won't have to end up wondering or worried about where your next meal will come from after you've paid all the bills. Believe me, those bills will never go away!

Here are some tips that you can use to save you some money. Either save it or spend it, but spend it wisely. After all, you are the ones who sacrificed for it.

1. One of the most obvious and helpful tips. Live below your means. That means differentiate the items that you "need" vs. "want". For example, you "want" that awesome car stereo for your car (save for it instead) but you do "need" to pay your rent on time. Be a good "spender and earner at the same time".

2. Make a list of "needs and wants" that way it will help differentiate the two and you can always refer back to your list if you "forgot".

3. Pay the bills that you do have on time. This avoids you having to pay surcharges and interest. Imagine, all the money you can save, just by avoiding this!!

4. Bring your lunch to work if time permits. It's a lot more frugal to bring a sack lunch instead of having to buy your lunch at a restaurant. (Eat out on special occasions or when you "have" to).

5. Research on the internet about ways to save your electrical consumption (using fluorescent bulbs etc.) and water usage (controlling leaks, baths). It might bring those utility bills a little lower "to a much more manageable state at least".

6. Open a savings account and set aside at least 20% of your final pay. At least you will have "emergency" money or money set aside if you need it.

7. Learn how to cook. This can go along with #4 above. This will help you bring those eating costs down and it might be fun!!

8. Always research the various companies when buying insurance for your home, car or whatnot. There is always a lower price out there, you just have to look.

9. Have your partners, be it your wife, husband, roommates or whatever chip in and help you. They will learn to be better at saving and be better spenders also.

10. Carpool- it helps you save on the gas money or car maintenance expenditures and will get you to work on time and safe. You are also doing the earth a favor by lessening pollution.

11. If you own a vehicle, keeping it tuned up and running great will help you avoid costly repairs, thus saving you a trip to the grease monkeys.

12. Have a garage sale and throw out all of that junk. You don't really need those ugly sweaters anymore do you? Having a garage sale will help alleviate expenses and maybe you might find stuff that you can revive from the dark abyss called your closet.

13. Use coupons when you can. Companies didn't print them out for nothing. A hefty discount can be had if you use them frequently. You would be surprised I betcha!

The above list is by no means complete, maybe there are some good tips I missed or didn't list, but these are some that I have implemented into my life and am now just recovering from debt. Abide by these tips and they will help you save. Living frugal doesn't have to suck. You just have to adjust and see where you are free to move.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogging for beginners...

O.k. so I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing (actually really new). But, during my times of surfing the net and various blogs, I have come to this conclusion and beginner's guide to blogging. It's not complete and maybe I missed a few concepts, but it will still help a little, especially for the beginners. Here they are, enjoy and good luck!!

1. I cannot underestimate this enough. Write good content!! If you have good content and a unique writing style that people love, it will work out great for you.

2. Don't forget to sign up your URL with various search engines. If you have an awesome blog, but no one can get to it or has even heard about it, then what's the point?

3. Share the link love. Linking to other people's blogs is a great help. If you leave great comments on their site, then they will want to know and be interested in finding out who that person is. Get my drift?

4. Join a community blogging group. By reading other people's blogs and immersing yourself in that community, then they in time will find your blog and read it also!

5. Always check your grammar. This is very important you know. Who wants to read a blog with a lot of misspellings and grammar usage?

6. Be patient!! You can't expect to set-up a blog for one week and then think there will be hundreds of people coming to your site!!! This also goes with no. 1 above.

7. Build a loyal following. If you write about a certain subject and people respond to it, great!! But don't forget your other audience also. Try to have a broad aspect on all views and subjects. always have a "special spot" for your other readers. ALbeit, there might not be a lot of followers, but at least they will be loyal and keep coming back for more.

8. If you come across a great blog that stands out in your memory, plugging it doesn't hurt. You never know, the blogger might just come to your site to see what you wrote about them or their site! Visit other blogs for advice and tips to arm yourself with the arsenal and knowledge of making a great blog. Experience helps!!

9. Connect with your audience. Let them know that they are appreciated and their comments noticed. It takes just a little time, but it will stick in their memory. Encourage feedback from your visitors about anything.

10. Have interactive "zones" in your blog. People like to read, but they also like to take time out and have a break!

These are just a few tips...If you would like to donate more tips, please comment!! That would be appreciated. Good luck and blog furiously!!